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Expository Writing: How Stress can be Harmful

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Uhhg! CALM DOWN! Calm Down, calm down. Sigh… Stress can hurt you ability to do things.
First off, stress may cause a loss of focus. For instance, during my math test I wasted the first five minutes worrying my butt off. I wasn’t even trying to solve the problems! All throughout the test I took a lot of time worrying. That resulted with a very low grade. Stress caused me to lose focus and waste valuable time.
Furthermore stress can harm you physically. One day I was stuck with a bunch of homework on a Sunday night. Finally-when I started-I realized my finger nails were no more and my teeth hurt from clenching them. Stress makes you harm yourself. By the way it is really annoying to have no fingernails.
Stress is such a pain! Eating yourself and a lack of focus two things I don’t want! If you worry about something it makes you do worse on it. Ugh! This is making me anxious about that upcoming science test.

By Alan and Zach

One Comment

  1. hi this post is good because you go into detail and explain why you don’t like stress to much. over all it is a good post. this is Ethan.

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