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“HELP! My friend has been hurt!” Sometimes help can change everything.
One way help can change things is that it can form friendships. “Uuhg.” I pant as I carry the props for the school play.”This stuff is heavy.” Then the person I least expect to help me helps me. “You need some help?” Asks the new kid Javier, the kid I thought was weird at first. “Sure, thanks!” Was my reply. Sometimes help can rewrite an first impression of someone.
Another way help can change things is that sometimes help is the only way people earn their freedom. Nelson Mandella is a good example of this. Nelson devoted his life to bringing freedom and equal rights to South Africans. Help came with a heavy cost though, 27 years in prison. In the end Mandella won and now South Africans have equal rights, no matter what color skin.
Javier and Mandella helped out, and by helping changed the world. No matter how small a gesture of help you do, it will always change things for the better.

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