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7th Grade Reflection


When I first arrived in August I expected school to be easy like it has been before but soon I realized that things wouldn’t be so easy. Instead of American History or World History in 7th grade we study Texas History-I did not know anything about Texas History.
By October my life was not going well. Texas History was destroying me. I was procrastinating for days then cramming and staying up late others. Eventually I figured out that my life could not go on like this-I had to change my habits.
In 7th grade I learned that procrastination and good grades don’t go together. I also learned that when you jump into a class you know nothing about, the result is not good. I also learned something about myself; I am really glad Texas History is not important in real life.
As the year comes to a close, I am still cramming.
If I could redo the year I would study over the summer (I know that summer and study don’t go together) so that this year would not be so hard.
My advice to future 7th graders is study a little over the summer so that you won’t have to cram like me.

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