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November 24, 2013
by alanr678

I’m From the Water

I’m from freezing waters
from Legos and cars

I’m from the fort on the hill
from the silvery tree
from the natural pool that invigorates me time and again

I’m from curly brown hair and blue eyes
from Becky and Mark

I’m from kayaking and biking
from exploring the woods

I’m from birthdays at Schliterbauhn

I’m from going skiing

I’m from healthy eating and the outdoors

I’m from Texas, Britain, Colorado, California and Australia

I’m from Texas A and M and the Rice owls

I’m from the water, freshening and cleansing

November 22, 2013
by alanr678

Lost Creek

Lost creek is my neighborhood. It is great because it is riddled with creeks. Some of the creeks I build forts in. In lost creek my friends are never that far away, just a few houses.

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