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December 18, 2013
by alanr678
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19 Weeks of Bad Luck

It seems as if at around this time I have a lot of bad luck. One years ago I had no serious injuries to my name, now I have 3. The first one took 4 weeks to heal it was a broken arm. The reason I call it bad luck is because I was not doing anything dangerous at the time. I broke my arm by falling off a terrace while talking to my friends. The next thing took 12 weeks to heal. I came home from school on a hot day and really wanted something refreshing to drink so I got a glass bottle of lemonade out of the fridge. I started to pour it out into a glass when it slipped out of my hand. The glass immediately shattered and at first I thought I was fine, but then I noticed that my hand was wet and realized that I had slit my wrist and it was gushing. I grabbed the nearest towel wrapped it up and got driven to the nearest hospital. That was the only thing I have ever needed surgery for. The last event took three weeks to heal. I was in bed when I jumped in my sleep and slammed my head into the corner of my bedside table. After that I had headaches for three weeks.

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